Nuqat 2013 Kuwait - Executing Culture Shock

  Nuqat 2013 Kuwait - Executing Culture Shock
This will be my third Nuqat and I am thrilled to be asked again to join the dynamic Nuqat team and their stellar speakers from across our region.

My new presentation will be based on my the same theme as my last solo exhibition which was held in Tehran in 2012, called Zibadasht - [Beautiful Plateau]. It will be a look at the wall writings in Iran from the official to the non-official from the word to the image and the products this genre of public art has engendered.


Conference in Cork this September

  Conference in Cork this September
This September I will be visiting Eire to give a presentation at the following conference:

War In the Visual Arts
An International Interdisciplnary Conference
University College Cork
12-14 September 2013

My presentation will look at the post revolutionary practice of honouring and remembering the martyrs of the Iran Iraq war through wall paintings and murals creating a new genre  of art.


Nuqat Design Conference - The Lost city of Arabesque

  Nuqat Design Conference - The Lost city of Arabesque
As part of Nuqat Design Conference in Dubai, I will be presenting Power of Cliche and looking at how the idea for came about. I will be conducting a 3 day workshop on photography and the internet, the power of the citizen in shaping his/her country's image.
17th to 22nd of March Dubai


Zibadasht- Solo installations and video art at Aaran Gallery in Tehran

  Zibadasht- Solo installations and video art at Aaran Gallery in Tehran
7 new works including video arts, photos, and installations were shown at Aaran Gallery for 3 weeks in  February / March 2012.

This is Zibadasht.
Zibadasht is my home.
Zibadasht has many walls.
Zibadasht walls are full of color.

Zibadasht walls have fishes.
Zibadasht walls have birds and flowers.
Zibadasht walls have lots of good words.
Zibadasht walls have lots of nice pictures.

Zibadasht is full of children.
Zibadasht walls teach us to be good and nice.
In Zibadasht we learn words and play with colors.
Zibadasht is my kindergarten.

Tehran Winter 2012


Exhibition at the Gallery Kashya Hildebrand Zurich

  Exhibition at the Gallery Kashya Hildebrand Zurich

Staging Identity: Performance and Irony in Contemporary Middle Eastern Photography

March 10 - April 16 2011

The photograph has a long tradition of fashioning identity and shaping one’s self-presentation to the world. In Staging Identity, Galerie Kashya Hildebrand focuses on artists from the Middle East who use photography’s performative aspects and ironic potential for the creation of identity in order to consider how each artist consciously utilizes them to stage a particular experience. The historical legacy of culture, society, and politics plays a role in the work of these artists – both those who live in the Middle East and those in the Diaspora. However, in this exhibition, we do not examine the general effects of these legacies on the artists’ work. Instead, we explore how the theatricality of the photographs creates a space where artifice is laid bare and directly confronts viewers and their expectations. The result is innovative, daring statements about authenticity and about the tensions between individual selves and their cultural context. The artists’ struggle to assert their individualism allows for the production of works that give us insights into the artists’ intimate worlds.

By concentrating on the staging of identity, the intention of this exhibition is to present a more nuanced and layered understanding of the forces bearing on the artists’ relationship to the Middle East. The staged, ironic, and performative aspects, which link all these works together, are compelling because of the way they enable a construction of realities that offers a safe way to critique regimes and discourses without making overt political statements. These constructions act as a neutral place to challenge stereotypes, defer truth, and imagine other realities. The theatrical artifice helps form interventions of the imagination as an effective ‘under-the-radar’ approach to deal with social critiques of the state.


Singapore out!

I was due to perform power of Cliche at the M1 fringe festival in Singapore this January and I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately I was forced to cancel the event because of a report written in Singapore's Business Times, where the reporter and the head of the festival decided to build an interesting profile for me which was entirely untrue.  The article claimed that I had left Iran because of the unrest in the country, an odd claim specially as I gave them a written interview and told them this was not the case.
I asked for a right to reply which the venerable and democratic singapore business Times refused, and that was when i decided i would rather not take part in a Festival which manufactured situations around their artists for publicity with a flagrant disregard for their safety or the truth, and I would rather not perform my performance which is all about the power image-making can have on our lives specially women, in a country that gave us the cute pert servile "SIngapore Girl" as an ad campaign.
So no to M1 Fringe Festival and no to Singapore for me!
And I thought Singapore had managed to find a happy place between East and West and to create a model which we could look to, like having a free press. But they seem to have taken the outline of the idea of a free press and stripped it of the fundamental principle that makes it so precious,namely, the right afforded the  subjects used, to reply to false claims. Evidently not.....very disappointing Singapore! You keep your festival and your press!


Change in Edition numbers on chadornama and Chador-dadar

Dear friends,

I have decided to reduce the edition on my pictures in the chadornama and chador-dadar series.
The old universal edition of 40 on these photographs are now reduced to a total of 25 which will be broken down in editions of 15 for all 75x50 cm prints and any sizes below and an edition of 10 on all large sizes above 75x50.
This change will make these collections into a tighter collection in line with standard editions used for similar works.
For all those friends who bought works with the old edition numbers, I can send new stickers with the new edition number which they can stick to the back of their work instead of the old one. Please let me know if you would like a new sticker sent out to you by contacting me either on this website address or on with your full postal address.


Power of Cliche in Germany

'Power of Cliche' was chosen to open the Frauensperspektiven 2009 Festival at Karlsruhe in Germany.
A recorded version of the performance was used to launch the festival which looked at Iranian women, their issues and their artwork amongst many other interesting events which began just before the Persian New year celebrations in March.


Power of a Cliche at the Barbican

Power of a Cliche was performed live at The Barbican's PIT cinema on the 7th of December. It was a sold out house which was gratifying. Germaine Greere pulled out at the last minute as the chair for the after performance discussion but Jonathan Steele of the Guardian stepped in  as chair and Salma Yaqoob of Birmingham council also attended as planned. We had a lively chat about perceptions surrounding the Hejab and the importance of choice for the women who were it. 


Article in The New Statesman on Iran New Voices Videos


Guardian Article about Iran New voices


Interview in The Guardian UK


Iran New Voices at The Barbican London

'Power of a Cliche" which was presented for the first time in its original format at the AlRiwaq Gallery in Bahrain in 2006 is now going to London's Barbican as part of BITE 08's mini season of Iranian Theatre.

The performance will be on the 7th December . The link below will tak you to more information:



Thirty Years of Solitude at Asia House

Our Exhibition 'Thirty Years of Solitude' Curated by Faryar Javaherian opened at Asia House at the end of September and will be up until 10th January.It showcases the work of 30 Iranian women photographers and film-makers.

My talk 'Persian Politesse and the Art of Camouflaged Expression' was delivered on the 24th October and expolred the Iranian reluctance for direct speech and its effect on artistic output specailly amongst women.