AKSbazi.com was launched in April 2009. An empty digital space which relied on the co-operation of others to make it into a meaningful project.
It was a natural progression from merely observing the cliched modes of representation of Iran to creating a space where Iranians themselves could depict themselves. A composite name alluding to playing with photographs, I played with the photographers who through the games that were opened on the site, set out to create an insider and fresh view of Iran away from the usual stereotypes. In this digital space, for the first time the private indoors of Iranian life is explored without any exoticism, because the hands holding the cameras are not outsiders. The lyrical and indirect manner of speech familiar to all Iranians is also evident in the treatment of topics such as the 'how are you?' game which was opened 2 months after the 2009 elections in Iran.
AKSbazi.com is now an established photography site with over 1500 photos uploaded by ordinary Iranians.